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Value and benefits beyond rates: this is who we are

There is an important difference between having a license to sell insurance and being a professional capable of fulfilling your vision of a safer, better future.

At Path Insurance Agency, we are committed to providing value to the members of the community we are part of. The way we see it, value means going the extra mile each and every time: we don’t limit ourselves to offering good rates to our customers; instead, we help make informed, wise decisions to protect your family, business and property.

None of this would be possible without a deep understanding of the necessities of our customers. To us, personalized attention is not a burden: it is the road towards comprehensive solutions that fit real needs for plausible case scenarios. We care about the future, and want to partner with those who are ready to invest in it.

True value goes beyond off-the-shelf policies and bare-bones plans. True value is being able to lean on your agency knowing that they will - no matter what, or when - respond and be there for you.

Welcome to your life journey. Welcome to Path.

The Path Team